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Lock In Your Gains And Sell Your Stock Later With A Collar Strategy

By Greg Hutto, CFP®, CFA®       In our last two articles of the Perceptive Executive Series, we’ve covered a couple of complex structures: the prepaid variable forward sale (PVFS) and charitable remainder trusts (CRT). These articles required some heavy lifting for me to write and likely some concentration (and hopefully not No-Doze) on […]

Everyone Can Win With A Charitable Remainder Trust (Except The IRS)

By Greg Hutto, CFP®, CFA® In the previous installment of the Perceptive Executive Series, we reviewed a powerful strategy that can allow an investor to achieve diversification, defer capital gains taxes, and basically have their cake (hang onto their stock and hedge downside risk) and eat it too (capture a higher price if the stock […]

It’s Okay To Be “Forward” With Your Stock

By Greg Hutto, CFP®, CFA® In one of my recent articles, I covered a little-known but powerful structure called a swap fund. In a nutshell, a swap fund can help an executive increase diversification and defer capital gains taxes on their concentrated stock holdings.  A swap fund works like this: high-net-worth investors contribute some or […]

Swap Your Shares, Not Your Spouse

By Greg Hutto, CFP®, CFA® It’s likely one of the biggest financial problems you have as an executive: concentrated stock. Your company grants you RSUs (restricted stock units) or stock options like candy, and that’s all well and good, but…you can’t always sell them at a moment’s notice, and diversifying outside of your employer’s stock […]

A Unique Bond Substitute Vehicle

By Greg Hutto, CFP®, CFA® If you’ve had some bonds mature in the last year or two, then you’ve no doubt experienced this unsettling reality: the interest you can receive on bonds (or bond funds) now is a LOT less than what it used to be. The ten-dollar phrase for this situation is reinvestment risk. […]

Why I Became A Financial Advisor

By Greg Hutto, CFP®, CFA® Teacher. Aspiring architect. Coach. Financial advisor. What do these roles have in common? Truthfully, not much, other than me. My career path hasn’t exactly been linear and focused. But when it comes down to it, I realized I could best serve people with my knowledge and skills and passion in […]