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Greg Hutto

Greg Hutto

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Greg Hutto comes from a family of educators, so it’s no wonder he holds a Bachelors Degree in Business from Texas A&M University, and a Masters Degree in Education from Tarleton State University. He was even a teacher and coach before entering financial services in 1996. After 14 years in the industry working for such powerhouses as UBS Paine Webber and Raymond James, he founded Hutto Retirement Advisors LLC in 2010. Greg holds two investment designations, including Certified Financial Planner®, and was awarded the Chartered Financial Analyst designation in 2007. Additionally, he is the founder of Heritage Tax Advisors LLC. Greg is married and he and his wife Angie have three children. He likes to cycle, play golf, and travel with his family.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I thought I wanted to be an architect for a long time, so much so that I signed up for a lot of architecture classes when I first enrolled at A&M.  It took about two days for me to realize that there was a LOT more design work in being an architect than I ever imagined.  I’m not creative in that sense at all, and I was looking for a way out of the architecture school in a hurry.

The professor in one of the design classes could tell I was a fish out of water, so he pulled me aside and started asking me questions about my background, what I liked, where I was from, etc.  Then he said something I’ll never forget, “Greg, you seem pretty pragmatic to me.  I think you’d do well at the business school.”  I took his advice, and went to the Blocker Building, and found my niche.

What is your big vacation dream?
Actually, it’s more of a where-would-I-live-and work-part-time dream. I’ve always been enamored with life on the road.  Anyone who makes their living while traveling, and getting to see awesome scenery at the same time, well, that’s a pretty good gig to me!

I’d like to be able to travel a lot with Angie in ten years or so, in a nice camper van or RV with wi-fi.  She could drive a couple of hours in the morning, while I check on the markets, talk to my clients, etc. Then I could drive the rest of the way for the day, or until we get to where we’re going.

What is your favorite movie?
Hoosiers.  It’s a great sports movie – there’s not many of those around.  Gene Hackman is one of my favorites, and he plays the role of a small-town basketball coach perfectly.

What superpower would you give to your best friend?
The ability to see tomorrow’s Wall Street Journal — today.

Pick two celebrities to be your parents.
Paul Newman — he did so much and gave so much.
My mom — she’s famous to me!

How old were you when you got your first job and what was it?
Fourteen. Hauling hay. What I do now is not work compared to hauling hay!

What three words would colleagues use to describe you?
Impatient, Determined, Caring